Note: Untuk mempermudah anda mempelajari Kunci Gitar Owl City - Fuzzy Blue Lights, anda bisa mengganti nada dasar kunci sesuai selera dan suara anda,caranya klik kunci yang ada inginkan:

intro   :    F   .    Bb   .    F   .    Bb   .    F   .    Bb   .    F   .    Bb
F                   C
if   i   could   look   across   the   country
Dm                     Bb
from   california   to   new   jersey
F                         C
then   i   would   count   the   parks   and   lake   resorts
Dm                     Bb
and   number   all   the   jets   and   airports
C                    Dm                  Bb      F       C
all   those   rather   dreary   rain   clouds   still   bother   me
                            Dm               Bb           F
cause   i   look   through   the   camera   eyepiece   and   cannot   see

F                 C
if   i   could   open   up   my   window
Dm                    Bb
and   see   from   tampa   bay   to   juneau
F                     C                 Dm
then   i   would   survey   all   those   open   miles
and   line   them   up   in   single   file
C               Dm                Bb    F      C
everywhere   i   look   i   see   green   scenic   sublime
                  Dm            Bb         F
and   all   those   oceanic   vistas   are   so   divine

F   .    Bb   .    F   .    Bb   .    F   .    Bb   .    F   .    Bb

Bb                  F       C      Bb
if   i   was   standing   on   the   balcony
                       Dm     C
and   you   were   walking   down   below
Bb                  F         C            Bb
i’d   feel   rather   depressed   and   out   of   place
                     Dm         C
and   lonely   just   to   watch   you   go
Bb                                F       C      Bb
if   you   were   swinging   from   the   highway   overpass
                    Dm      C
within   the   western   hemisphere
Bb                   F          C      Bb
i’d   feel   rather   afraid   and   insincere
                 Dm      C
if   you   began   to   disappear

  (   solo   :    repeat   chords   from   first   verse   )