Note: Untuk mempermudah anda mempelajari Kunci Gitar One Direction - 1d Mashup, anda bisa mengganti nada dasar kunci sesuai selera dan suara anda,caranya klik kunci yang ada inginkan:

xxno   capo

C                                F      
you   know   i’ve   always   got   your   back   girl
                Am                      G
so   let   me   be   the   one   you   can   run   into   .    run   into   .    r   -   r   -   run   in  
C                                     F                            Am   
i   say   this   .    cause   it’s   A   matter   of   fact   girl   .    you   just   call   my   name
i’ll   be   coming   through   .    coming   through   .    i’ll   get   coming  

C                              F
it   feels   like   we   been   living   in   fast   -   foward
Am                       G
another   moment   passing   by
C                             F
the   party’s   ending   but   it’s   now   or   never
Am                    G
nobody’s   going   home   tonight
      C              F          G           C
so   get   out   .    get   out   .    get   out   of   my   head
      Am         F          G    C
and   fall   into   my   arms   instead
C             F              G             Am
i   don’t   .    i   don’t   .    don’t   know   what   it   is
     F              G      C               
but   i   need   that   one   thing
      Am                G      C
and   you’ve   got   that   one   thing
                 C        F
under   the   lights   tonight
Am          G                        C             F
turned   around   .    and   you   stole   my   heart
Am           G                 C              F
just   one   look   .    and   i   saw   your   face
Am         G
fell   in   love
              C          F
took   A   minute   girl   .  
       Am           G         C   -   F
to   steal   my   heart   tonight
Am          G         C   F
just   one   look   .    yeah
       Am                 G           C   -   F
i’m   waiting   for   A   girl   like   you
           C        F
you   don’t   know   oh    oh
G                                C      F
you   don’t   know   you’re   beautiful    oh    oh
but   that’s   what   makes   you   beautiful   .   

end   .