Note: Untuk mempermudah anda mempelajari Kunci Gitar Miranda Lambert - Oklahoma Sky, anda bisa mengganti nada dasar kunci sesuai selera dan suara anda,caranya klik kunci yang ada inginkan:

the whole thing is finger picked. it is in drop d tuning. PLEASE DROP D WHEN YOU DO IT
otherwise my soul might cry.

the key is d major, so for the electric guitars and the synths just diddle around. i am
far too lazy to tab each one. i'd suggest you build them around Dsus2, Asus4 and Gmaj7.
for your first improvisation try to do nothing lower than D4 (a normal open D string) and higher than G5 (3rd fret on E). of course there are exceptions to this, but hey, i'm
just trying to tell you the proper chords, not trying to run your life.

remember team, dynamics! and throw as many slides, pull offs and harmonics in there as
you can!

suggested chord shapes:
D - 0002xx
G - 5-003x
A - xo222x
Bm - x24432
E7 - 2201x0

for the D fingerpicking pattern, keep hitting your low D open on each beat. on the
upbeat on your high D string it's ascends by a tone (two frets) basically by each bar, then
it does the 5-4-2-0 thing. listen and you'll get it. don't be afraid to use your G string (which you should have your 2nd fret down on when appropriate!) to mix it up after that
point and before the next set of lyrics. and keep hitting both your D strings too, so you can go diddling with that G string (yes, i totally meant to say that phrase exactly as i did). don't limit yourself to two fingers while fingerpicking! use as many as you can.

How long has it taken me to find you
Five hundred years, five hundred thousand miles
G                D
It don't matter now
G                D
Love's always on time
Meet me underneath the Oklahoma sky

Lightning flashed, everything went silent
A feather could have knocked me to the floor
G                  D
Missing piece was found
G                D
I was finally alive
                        A        D
Meet me underneath the Oklahoma sky

Bm        A         G
With the speed of sound
Bm   A         E7     D
I'm homeward bound mhmm

Bridge chords:
D A G D G D D A D (just listen for the changes, but i purposely put that group of two
D's in there twice so you wouldn't panic cause you didn't change)

All our sorrows swept away forever
Each and every tear washed out to sea
G                D
There ain't no goodbye
G                D
With your hand in mine
                           A     D
Meet me underneath the Oklahoma sky
A         D
Oklahoma sky

it stays as a D until the song is over. please use this opportunity to make it as epic
as you can, but for my sake keep those alternating open D's going. use all your fingers!
and when you want to end it you can cheap out and just play your two D's together. but if you wanna impress your friends, make it a fast arpeggio with a nice D or Dsus2 chord
using all 5 fingers.

you could do a couple of cool cadences. the most predicable one is A7 (x02020) to D. if
you want to go the cadence route but you don't like predicability of it, do your A7 but
throw in some F#-G and back again notes in there, then end it with a D the way that i've suggested you voice it throughout the tab. or you can slow down the main riff as you play
it and end with a fully voiced D. or even bring the E7 back into it! yes, most of them sound cheesy, but if you're lacking an extra 2 guitars and a string section you gotta make do sometimes.

the main point is, i only made this tab because the chords in the other one didn't have
the correct bridge (the Bm and E7), they don't stress the importance of drop d'ing and
alternating the open D's, and i have no idea where they got the idea to go to a Csus2 for the meet me under part of the chorus. i saw two 15 year old girls play covers on youtube
which lack the two former, and included the latter. it made me slightly angry because such a beautiful song deserves much better.