Note: Untuk mempermudah anda mempelajari Kunci Gitar Miley Cyrus - Ill Always Remember You (ver 2), anda bisa mengganti nada dasar kunci sesuai selera dan suara anda,caranya klik kunci yang ada inginkan:

SONG: I'll Always Remember You
ARTIST: Hannah Montana
from hannah montana forever

Enjoy ^^"

Intro: A

Verse 1:
I always knew this day would come   E
We'd be standing one by one   Bm
With our future in our hands   D
So many dreams so many plans
Always knew after all these years   E
There'd be laughter there'd be tears   Bm
But never thought that I'd walk away   D
with so much joy but so much pain   Bm                   E
And it's so hard to say goodbye
     A                          E
But yesterday's gone we gotta keep moving on       Bm                         D
I'm so thankful for the moments so glad I got to know ya      A                            E
The times that we had I'll keep like a photograph               Bm
And hold you in my heart forever   Dm
I'll always remember you   A E Bm D

Verse 2:
  A                           E
Another chapter in the book can't go back but you can look   Bm
And there we are on every page   D
Memories I'll always save A
Up ahead on the open doors E
Who knows what were heading towards? Bm
I wish you love I wish you luck D
For you the world just opens up   Dm                   E
But it's so hard to say goodbye
Everyday that we had all the good all the bad   D
I'll keep them here inside   Bm
All the times that we shared every place everywhere   A               D
You touched my life   A
Yeah one day we'll look back we'll smile and we'll laugh   D
But right now we just cry   E                          Bm    E
Cause it's so hard to say goodbye

  A E Bm D
Nanananana D                      A
I'll always remember you Dm                     A
I'll always remember you