Note: Untuk mempermudah anda mempelajari Kunci Gitar Matchbox Twenty - You Won't Be Mine, anda bisa mengganti nada dasar kunci sesuai selera dan suara anda,caranya klik kunci yang ada inginkan:

Dm, Dm/C#, Dm/C, Dm/B Repeat Once

Dm                         Dm/C#
Take your head around the world
              C             Dm/B
See what you get from your mind
Dm                               Dm/C#
Write your sould down word for word
                Dm/C               Dm/B           Bbmaj7
See who's your friend and who is kind
                          Gm             Am
Well it's almost like a disease         yeah
A#maj7                   Gm     Am
And i know soon you will be over the
Dm                 Dm/C#               Dm/C
Lies, you'll be strong, you'll be rich in love
          Dm/B       A#maj7
You will carry on, but no
Am             Dm
You won't be mine

2.And take your straight line for a curve, make it stretch, same old line.
Try to find if it was worth what you spent, why you're guilty for the way you're feelin
It's almost like being free. And i know soon you will be over the lies...

3.Take yourself out to the curb, sit and wait. A fool for life. It's almost like a
And I know soon you will be over the lies...

On the third verse you play the intro chords three times through instead of two. that's
it's shorter than all the rest of the verses.

Well, thanx. Rate and enjoy.