Note: Untuk mempermudah anda mempelajari Kunci Gitar Loretta Lynn - From Seven To Ten, anda bisa mengganti nada dasar kunci sesuai selera dan suara anda,caranya klik kunci yang ada inginkan:

Wait here for me I'll get the key
F         G7         C
Darling   I won't be long
The place isn't much   as soon as we touch
D7                         G7
Any where's home away from home
It's a very nice room do you like my perfume
  F           G7               C
I wanted everything to be just right
F                             C             F
There's so little time for a love of this kind
    C           G7               C
It can't even last through the night
G7                       C
We have to steal all the love that we feel
    F                   C
And we're feeling like stealing again
G7                     C
We'll never be free so it's gotta be
            G7         C
Loving from seven till ten
            G7         C
Loving from seven till ten
Do you see a trace of love on my face
F       G7                 C
I know she'll have on the light
F                   C             F
Look in my eyes can he see how I cried
      C         G7       C
While you were loving me tonight
Repeat #3