Note: Untuk mempermudah anda mempelajari Kunci Gitar Hank Locklin - The Same Sweet Girl, anda bisa mengganti nada dasar kunci sesuai selera dan suara anda,caranya klik kunci yang ada inginkan:

G                                               C
All the years have seemed so short since I have known you

    G                                     D7
And the love I've shared with you I won't forget

    G                                 C
And if we should ever reach a hundred years dear

D7                                         G
You will be the same sweet girl as when we met

I'm so glad that I have found you little darling

    G                             D7
In my heart I hold the sweetest memory

    G                                     C
And each time I gaze into your eyes it's heaven

D7                                       G
I can see the same sweet girl so dear to me

You will never have to live on just a promise  

  G                                   D7
I will always be around you when you call

  G                               C
I will never share my kisses with another
D7                                       G
Only with the same sweet girl my one and all
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