Note: Untuk mempermudah anda mempelajari Kunci Gitar Ezra Furman & The Harpoons - Halloween Snow, anda bisa mengganti nada dasar kunci sesuai selera dan suara anda,caranya klik kunci yang ada inginkan:

Tuning: Standard

A couple notes for this one:

(1) I get that hammer-on sound at the beginning by strumming the open strings and
hammering on with an entire first position A chord. For theory geeks, since I don't  
really hit
the bottom E open (Em11), I'm calling it A9sus4.


(2) It also sounds to me like he's either holding the G in the intro for 3 beats and the
D for 1, or, going from G (2 beats) to Dsus4 (1 beat) to D (1 beat). I'm putting the
Dsus4 progression because it sounds better to me for the intro, and the other  
progression for the verse. Whichever you decide, just keep in mind the timing.

A9sus4 A A9sus4 A
G Dsus4 D

A G Dsus4 D

Baby, you're not afraid of flying
G                 D
You just think you are
It's all mental, darling
G                 D
Think about how safe we are

Pretty soon we'll be in Japan
We can get everything done
And not too long after that we'll be married
Won't that be fun?

She says, Look around this flight
Look at all these people goin' to Japan
They seem mostly black
I don't see a single asian

What'd the pilot just say?
We're headed to Zaire?
Somehow we must have made a mistake
We shouldn't be here

A                                     F#m
Oh no, I shoulda known by the Halloween snow
That this trip just could not go away
I'll be lost in the jungle with my fiancé
A                                     F#m
Oh damn, I should be dating a more confident man
I says, Honey please don't be cruel
Words come out of your mouth into a puddle of drool

(Repeat Intro Progression)

(Repeat Verse Progression)
What are we gonna do when we land, she says
We're not prepared for this
Baby, stop talking so much
It's making me nervous

How about instead of being afraid of flying
And thinkin' 'bout our imminent time
You sneak off five minutes after me
Let's go to the airplane bathroom

(Repeat Pre-Chorus Progression)
She says, Honey not now
It's the wrong time
My lips began to move and I said
Baby, I'll give you the wrong time

It's two in the morning
And we're on the wrong flight
But when we're lost in Africa
It'll be alright

(Repeat Chorus Progression)
I think I wanna see the purple and pink
Of the sunset shining through the trees
I'm never gonna learn to speak Japanese
I know I wanna stand in the Halloween snow
But I don't know how I ended up here
And everything is happenin' too soon this year

(Repeat Intro Progression)
Oh, too soon!
We're only kids!

A C#m Bm Dm

A       C#m       Bm
We're touching down
And maybe I don't love you
A             C#m
The ground looks so brown
Bm                   Dm
This can't be Japan, I know it can't

This is scarier
Than a hundred million plane wrecks
You seem so strange and I wonder
I achingly wonder what's gonna happen next

(Repeat Intro Progression)
Alright! Oh, yes!

(End on D)