Note: Untuk mempermudah anda mempelajari Kunci Gitar Elvis Costello - Voice In The Dark, anda bisa mengganti nada dasar kunci sesuai selera dan suara anda,caranya klik kunci yang ada inginkan:

            C     Am7
Ba ba ba ba ba ba ba
Dm7     G7
ba ba ba ba
C         Am7
ba ba ba ba
Dm7     G7
Ba ba ba ba ba

          C     Am7
Ba ba ba ba ba ba ba
Dm7     G7     | Am6 | Am6 Gaug       |
ba ba ba

C                             A7
You can read right through a book of matches
Dm7                   G7           
But that won’t make you smart
C                     C7           
You can laugh in the face of watches
F                   Fm              
But time will only break your heart

F             Fm             
Kings reign beneath umbrellas
C             A7
Hide pennies down in cellars
Dm               A7
And money pours down and yet
Dm7               G7
No everyone gets soaking wet

C                       F
When bores and bullies conspire
E7               A7
To stamp out your spark
Listen for…
    G7                   C
A Voice In The Dark

C                 Am7         Dm7     G7
Not a moment too soon as we blue the moon
C           Am7       Dm7     G7   
And a wolf begins to howl in tune  
C               Am7     Dm7   G7
I announced for all mankind a boon  
C                     C7        
Stand aside you big baboon
Now I’m the a prize invention
You’re the image of yourself
Forget your cares
And disapproving stares
I’m not here to try to jump your borders
Just ask your nieces and daughters  
C               Am7         Dm7         G7
I’m flat as sole, I’m happy as a clam
C               Am7         Dm7         G7     [ C   A/C# D7 G7 ]
But they don’t know the kind of man I am   (alt   for this line only)
C               Am7         Dm7       G7
Little fish swimming in a jealous shoal
        C               C7
Now my net is overflowing
                F                     Fm
And I suddenly seem to be all seeing and all knowing
I’ve got something right there
That you might want to hear
But have no fear  
Lend a hand  
Lend an ear
If your rent-money is in arrears  

C                               A7
We’ll be striking up a symphony bandstand
Dm7               G7
Long of hair and loose of tooth
C                           C7                 
There’ll be pirouettes and startling handstands
F                                 Fm              
And who but acrobats know how to tell the truth
F                 Fm        
When is said that then redundant
C                 A7           
They gallivant in peg-leg pants
I‘ll be your servant
You’ll be my pal
Dm7                       G7
I’ll be ever faithful you know I shall
C               F              
There’s no fool like an old fool
E7                 A7
Who blames it all upon his youth
Dm7             G7                            
When times are tough and you find you’re down
Em7       A7               
Without a star to wish upon
D7                 G7             C      
Just listen for a Voice In The Dark

C                         A7           
I was striking through a box of matches
Dm7         G7             
Hoping that one would spark
C                 C7              
I heard somebody calling to me  
A voice in the dark

F                     Fm
A sound both wild and gentle
Em7         A7            
Daring and confidential
Dm7                 A7          
I thought there was music playing  
Dm7               G7          
But it was all and only talk

C               F                 E7           A7        
When liars and bullies conspire to stamp out your spark
D7                 G           
Fill up that empty space in your heart
Em7                 A7           
Listen up, when the herald says, “Hark”
D7                 G7           C        
Believe in just a voice in the dark…