Note: Untuk mempermudah anda mempelajari Kunci Gitar Eliza Gilkyson - Emmanuel, anda bisa mengganti nada dasar kunci sesuai selera dan suara anda,caranya klik kunci yang ada inginkan:

INTRO: C   F   C   Am   G C F   C

                      F         C
When at first I came into this land
        Am         G     F
In the highlands I did dwell
      C               F       C
Where ancient winged masters taught
    Am         G         F     C
The depths of wisdom's well

              F             C
Emmanuel, he walked with me
    Am       G       F
And secrets he did share
    C             F         C
The order of the swirling stars
    Am       G         F     C
The laws of earth and air

    Am               C
The golden pipes of heaven
      Em             F
He entrusted in my care
    C       G       C     F
And I sang of the mercy of  
  G   C

                  F       C
In time I went a-wandering
  Am     G         F
Into the world of man
    C                 F       C
And though I knew the sacred songs
    Am       G         F     C
My separate dreams began

    Am                 C
And when I thought the pipes were mine
    Em                 F
My eyes grew blind as well
    C         G           C       F
My soul from heights of heaven fell
  G   C

Slumbering, sleeping

Slipping through seasons of silent night
The servant, the snake  

The soldier, a storm
  Dm       Em
A poet, a mother
A child stillborn
  F       G
A rock, a star
A drunk in a bar

How many more times, dancing the skin dance

Sorting the systems of violence, romance
Sobbing the sorrow, walking the wheel
Hiding the horror, fighting the feel
F           G             Am
Pushing the wheel, like a rock up a hill
Until, until, until

    C               F         C
I’m drawn so slowly step by step
    Am       G         F
Out of this darkened place
    C             F       C
So unaccustomed to the light
    Am   G       F     C
So wary of its grace

    Am             C
Oh, how I long to hear the pipes
  Em             F
I held before I fell
    C         G       C         F
And sing the ancient songs of love
  G   C

                  G     C           G     F   C
            Ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah  

                    F     C
From out of dreams awakening
    Am         G         F
It seems ten thousand years
      C           F           C
Since I beheld my true love's face
    Am           G         F     C
And cried these cleansing tears

            Am       C
The songs returning one by one
    Em             F
Out of my memory's well
    C     G         C       F
How can I lay them at your feet
  G   C
C     G         C            
Can I lay them at your feet
F G   F C